Butterfly Trail, Santa Catalina, 18Sep11

My cousin and I were looking for plane wreckage of a F-86D Sabre-dog near Butterfly Trail.  Some links associated with the wreckage and engine:

This link provides some detail about the crash.

This link shows an engine diagram.

A cut away look of the engine and another cut away

Wikipedia Article about the engine

You Tube of a place receiving an engine that will be restored

One last link if you are bored of the links

A motorcycle buddy, retired USAF, and a docent at Pima Air and Space Museum provided some information:

"The first photo (with the dog in the foreground) is looking at the aft end of the engine and the tailpipe.  The second photo is of what's left of the front of the engine.  The wheel with the chipped-off blades is one of the last compressor stages, just before the combustion chambers (the tube-like things).  The third photo shows the combustion chambers, and that's the turbine section just behind.  Compression section in the front, combustion chambers in the middle, turbine section in the back." Flying Booger

Download Google Earth tracks

Butterfly Trail, Santa Catalina, 18Sep11